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Sustainable development is what allows us to satisfy our needs (food, education, housing, entertainment, etc.) without draining natural resources and saving them for future generations. To achieve this, economic growth should be limited by planetary and social boundaries, ensuring protection of the environment and social inclusion.

The challenge is to not leave anyone behind so all people in the world can live a decent life regardless of their economic status, gender, age, skin colour, ethnicity, immigrant status, disabilities, etc. Governments have the responsibility to adopt policies aimed towards achieving the SDGs, but it will only be possible if we all do our part. We need to collaborate in our behaviour in educational centres, at work, at home, and during our free time.

Our concept is to talk about SDGs differently, using the everyday vocabulary of teachers and students. We want to offer our knowledge about Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs in a more accessible way.

We decided to work on practical actions because it's the way that every person decides how to contribute with a change process proposed by the new Agenda.