Oikos is an NGO born in 2005, made up of a group of people who have decided to put together skills acquired in different fields, with the aim of working for cooperation with the communities of the South of the World. OIKOS is also an acronym: ‘Organization for International Kooperation and Solidarity’, in the name of a hope for a fairer and more equitable world, in a system in which the actions of each can help the activities of another, in a system in which the being and doing matter more than having and appearing. Currently OIKOS is engaged in various areas with the common goal of creating a culture open to the values of solidarity and civil commitment, to promote a solidarity economy and an open and intercultural society. OIKOS is engaged daily in projects aimed at creating a culture of solidarity, justice and peace through interventions in Italy and abroad in the following sectors: International cooperation, dissemination of human rights and SDGs issues among schools and training providers, hosting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.